Enquiry Management


Identify students who are interested in the course offered by your institute. Scholarbuzz helps you to manage potential leads through online behavior Patter.


Our integrated SMS & EMAIL features help you to keep in touch with prospective students.


Admission Management

Streamline your admission processes with our fully integrated online admissions software. Scholarbuzz features can be customized to fit your admissions process, providing a seamless experience for enrolling students.

Fee management

Report:- Students can detail report of fee deposition and pending fee status with automatic filter daily, Weekly and Monthly.


Attendance Management

RIDF Based

Reduce the time it takes to track class attendance. Students can now scan customized ID cards to log and track their attendance electronically for every session.

Mobile or Desktop Based

Institute can take attendance based either on subjects or day by Mobile application or Web based application.

Graphically Analysis

Institution Analysis

Instantly crunch the numbers on your Institution performance, holistically and at a class level. Easily compare our interactive graphs and charts to old statistics and get a sense of where your Institute currently stands

Students Analysis

Institute can analysis all students performance in our interactive graphs and charts.



Online Test

Scholarbuzz gives teachers the power to create online quizzes and tests with varying question types like Multiple Choice, Open Ended or fill in the blanks.


Scholarbuzz provides a social platform to enhance and encourage teacher to student and student to student interaction. Students can easily form study groups to engage in active conversations, debates or group problem-solving sessions.

Immersive Lecture Experience

Upload all kinds of study material. We will take care of the rest! Scholarbuzz provides inline browser views of PDF, audio, video, presentation and word files for an immersive lecture experience. .

Marketing Tools

Integrated Digital Platform

Listen, respond, and publish on social networks—and connect social networks to your website through sharing, social login, and curated social feeds.

Create Contact

Automatic Create Contact from Enquiry, Admission for marketing use.


Mobile Application

After all this, did you really think we would restrict all these innovative student management system features usage to PC users only? Think again!

Manage your learning and academic information on any phone or tablet powered by Scholarbuzz native iOS or Android App.