Frequently Asked Questions

• We do not charge anything to a Institute because if start charging then we have to ensure minimum number of Leads and have to ensure listing on top. We restrict ourselves from this so to avoid any kind of compromise with the experience.
• Any student if he is charged for the service will not than use the services
• If tomorrow any company does it for free than the whole business model gets questioned.

• In Google, our SEO works in a way where any Educational key words are pressed to search a institute then we assure link of should appear on the top 5 options and this is how student land up on our website.
• Word of mouth about our service is also creating a buzz for our website.
• In the next financial year we also have a budget for mass media advertisements.

• We do not list any individual on top of any page. The algorithm of backend makes certain point calculation on the data which are present of profile and its gets listed.
• Meanwhile more the data in any profile, number of clicks on the profile along with profile & institute photo ensures better chance of being in top.

• Our motto is not to share any Scholarbuzz’s intellectual property as anyone found guilty of theft or copy will have to face legal actions.
• Any given day, your Institutional information or photo will not be compromised with any third party without your consent.

• To get a good online presence on Google rankings
• To let new student find your Institutional details online who are not aware about your institute in a his/ her locality.

In Scholarbuzz we have 2 arms: Scholar Pro and Scholarbuzz Search Scholar Pro: SaaS Based Institute Management Application used by Coaching Institute to manage their Center, Any Institute who uses ScholarPRO software is eligible for Free Premium listing and advertising services.

To use SBP facility one has to buy subscription of Scholar Pro. If anyone shows interest in Scholar Pro Application then get an appointment from a Institution for a sales demo by our sales member.

Request the Institute to connect at the Scholarbuzz support number to find an answer to all his problems. Support number: + 91 958 93 39 931

Once the profile is live on, then automatic email is sent to you where you can generate a user name & password for yourself and make changes in your profile whenever you wish.

Any change in your profile made goes for an approval to our backend and gets updated within 24 hours.

• We do not share any details of the Institution with the third Party.
• We list only Institute with complete profile details.
• We do not interfere in the decision making of the student when he asks for options in any locality for particular courses of an institute.


Yes definitely sir. I can ask my sales team to get in touch with you regarding your interest in advertising.

• Photos increases the comfort level of the student
• On our research most student gets admission with only those institute whose profile/logo and institute photos are present

All the top Institute or Tutor of any given area is listed. Try to show and show him different profiles in different Courses.